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Digital Speed embarked on a transformative journey with AMARI Supercars, tasked with enhancing customer engagement, increasing following, and crafting a long-term digital strategy. Our collaborative approach involved regular strategic meetings where we delved deep into industry trends and tailored our strategies to align with the unique personality of the AMARI Supercars brand.

Drawing inspiration from the brand's voice, culture, and assets, we meticulously crafted digital text copy, images, and stories for social media and the website. Our goal was to create an immersive online experience that resonated with AMARI's discerning audience. Through strategic planning and execution, we not only translated the brand's essence into digital content but also prepared AMARI for online verification, a crucial milestone in establishing credibility and authenticity. .

Our efforts bore fruit when AMARI Supercars became the first independent supercar dealership to achieve verification on Instagram in the UK. This prestigious recognition garnered attention from industry influencers, including renowned TV personality Yiannimize, who later became an AMARI customer. Leveraging this exposure, we orchestrated a joint promotion that featured AMARI Supercars in a YouTube video, catapulting the brand to trend #7 Worldwide. Within a span of nine months, our strategic initiatives yielded remarkable results, with a significant increase in engagement and a surge of over 20,000 new followers. .

Digital Speed's partnership with AMARI Supercars exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored digital solutions that drive tangible results. Through collaborative consultations, meticulous planning, and strategic execution, we not only elevated AMARI's online presence but also positioned the brand as a trailblazer in the competitive world of supercar dealerships.

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