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Automotive Auction

01 . Introduction

Auto Auction, the pioneering platform for buying and selling vehicles via online auctions, seized a groundbreaking opportunity with the highly-anticipated auction of the Mitsubishi Motors in the UK heritage fleet. With the backing of industry luminary Tiff Needell, Auto Auction partnered with Digital Speed to revolutionise the automotive auction market. Through collaborative efforts, we aimed to create an unparalleled online auction experience that would not only disrupt the industry but also yield substantial results, particularly for Mitsubishi Motors in its closing chapter.

02 . Our Work

As the driving force behind Auto Auction's landmark event, Digital Speed played a pivotal role in building and marketing the platform to achieve these remarkable outcomes. Leveraging our expertise in design, development, and digital innovation, we meticulously crafted a platform tailored to showcase the Mitsubishi heritage fleet and effectively engage potential bidders.

Embedded Collaboration: Working closely with Auto Auction's team, we integrated our expertise to enhance the platform's functionality for showcasing the heritage fleet. From refining the user interface to optimising the bidding process, our collaborative efforts ensured a user-friendly and immersive auction experience. .

Digital Campaigns: Leveraging our digital marketing prowess, we crafted compelling campaigns to generate excitement and drive participation in the auction. Through targeted digital advertisements, email marketing, and social media promotions, we amplified the visibility of the Mitsubishi heritage fleet auction, attracting a wide pool of potential bidders. .

Technology Stack: Utilising our advanced technology stack, we optimised the platform's performance and scalability to accommodate the influx of users during the auction period. With a focus on reliability and speed, we ensured seamless navigation and real-time bidding capabilities for all participants.

03 . Conclusion

The collaboration between Auto Auction and Digital Speed culminated in a landmark event in the automotive auction industry. With our combined efforts, the Mitsubishi Motors in the UK heritage fleet auction achieved unprecedented success, setting a world record sale price and attracting substantial interest for all 14 vehicles. Throughout the auction period, our strategic interventions and technological innovations facilitated a seamless bidding process, maximizing participation and engagement. As a result, Auto Auction solidified its position as a dynamic online auction platform and gracefully embarked on a new journey with a reimagined identity.

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