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01 . Introduction

Clive Sutton, a veteran in the automotive industry with over 40 years of experience, embarked on a journey to overhaul its online presence. Originating as a franchise dealer for esteemed brands like Jeep, Jaguar, and Chrysler, Clive Sutton transitioned into an independent entity exploring diverse opportunities over the years.

02 . Our Work

Prior to partnering with Digital Speed, Clive Sutton's online strategy lacked cohesion and strategic direction. Content creation and social media management were primarily handled in-house, necessitating a shift from a tick-box approach to a more strategic and commercially driven mindset. Digital Speed intervened to streamline Clive Sutton's online presence, commencing with a comprehensive strategy to enhance content quality and distribution.

Digital Speed's process simplified the task of getting cars online and disseminating content, providing Clive Sutton with a seamless experience. From orchestrating high-quality photoshoots featuring their custom builds to developing media plans for weekly online promotions, Digital Speed ensured that Clive Sutton's online presence became a well-oiled machine, requiring minimal intervention from their end.

The impact of Digital Speed's work extended beyond just online visibility. By producing captivating video walkarounds and reels, Clive Sutton was able to engage with potential customers on a deeper level. The content created not only showcased the vehicles but also conveyed the brand's passion and expertise, resulting in increased customer inquiries and sales conversions.

03 . Conclusion

The collaboration between Clive Sutton and Digital Speed has revolutionised the former's approach to online marketing and content creation. Through strategic planning, meticulous execution, and a keen eye for detail, Digital Speed has enabled Clive Sutton to present its vehicles in the best possible light, attracting customers from all corners of the globe.

From planning content days to managing paid campaigns and analysing performance metrics, Digital Speed has provided Clive Sutton with an end-to-end solution that encompasses everything from content creation to lead management. The notable increase in followers, engagement, and leads directly attributed to Digital Speed's efforts underscores the success of this collaboration.

With Digital Speed at the helm, Clive Sutton has not only enhanced its online presence but has also redefined its approach to digital marketing. By leveraging their automotive expertise and passion for storytelling, Digital Speed has empowered Clive Sutton to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.


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