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01 . Introduction

SuperMacro, a prestigious weekly economics broadcast catering to its exclusive subscriber base, sought Digital Speed's expertise to address a pressing challenge. Jonathan Matthews, the founder of SuperMacro, encountered difficulties integrating complex economics data into a seamless mail-out subscription service. A glimpse into Jonathan's journey and experience with Digital Speed is captured in the following client testimonial video.

02 . Our Work

Digital Speed responded to SuperMacro's needs with a tailored solution aimed at enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. This solution empowered SuperMacro's subscribers to effortlessly manage their dashboard of economics data, receiving timely updates on a daily basis. Additionally, Digital Speed constructed a comprehensive backend dashboard for SuperMacro, facilitating streamlined management of subscribers, payment statuses, and the seamless integration of financial data into mail templates for scheduling and publication. This all-encompassing platform has significantly simplified SuperMacro's business operations.

The journey commenced with Digital Speed's meticulous wireframing, ensuring an intuitive user experience for both SuperMacro's subscribers and internal team members. These blueprints were then brought to life through a combination of low and high-fidelity designs, and then meticulously executed during the development phase.

03 . Conclusion

The collaboration between Digital Speed and SuperMacro has yielded transformative results for the latter's business operations. With Digital Speed's integrated solution in place, SuperMacro's newsletter has achieved unprecedented success, leaving Jonathan and his team highly satisfied with the outcome.


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