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01 . Introduction

AVR-Automotive, a leading vehicle tuning and parts modifier specialising in Range Rover, BMW, and Jaguar, approached Digital Speed to create a platform showcasing their vehicles and conversion kits. Digital Speed designed and built the platform on Shopify, listing catalogues and products, and facilitating a smooth shipping and delivery process for new customers. Digital Speed also produced the visual assets, conducting a photoshoot featuring all the vehicles on the new site.

02 . Our Work

In response to AVR-Automotive's needs, Digital Speed developed a modern and sleek Shopify store that authentically represented their brand and products. Utilising contemporary design principles, we ensured the platform accurately showcased AVR-Automotive's vehicles and conversion kits, captivating potential customers with an engaging online experience. Additionally, we meticulously listed catalogues and products, ensuring comprehensive coverage and easy navigation for visitors.

Furthermore, Digital Speed took charge of producing all visual assets for the platform, conducting an extensive photoshoot featuring all the vehicles showcased on the new site. This approach ensured that each vehicle was presented in the best possible light, further enhancing the overall appeal and effectiveness of the website.

03 . Conclusion

The collaboration between Digital Speed and AVR-Automotive has transformed the latter's business operations significantly. With the newly developed Shopify store in place, AVR-Automotive can effectively showcase their vehicles and conversion kits to a broader audience. Moreover, the streamlined shipping and delivery process has enhanced the overall customer experience, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction for AVR-Automotive.

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