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Digital Speed embarked on a transformative journey with Eden Motorhomes, Cornwall's premier motorhome dealership, to establish a strong online presence and enhance customer engagement. Recognising the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience both on-site and online, we collaborated closely with Eden Motorhomes to elevate their digital footprint and showcase their offerings in the best light.

Upon commencement of our partnership, Eden Motorhomes lacked an online presence, presenting an opportunity for us to create a compelling digital narrative. Leveraging our expertise in social media marketing, we produced high-quality, social-first images that captured the essence of the motorhome living experience. Through strategic content creation and targeted sharing in relevant groups, we portrayed Eden Motorhomes as the epitome of premier and quality, transforming the way their motorhomes were perceived online. .

To further bolster engagement and expand their online community, we conceptualized and executed a Facebook Special Hamper Giveaway. By meticulously managing the entire process, from prize sourcing to creating robust terms & conditions and implementing an effective advertising campaign, we generated significant buzz and engagement on social media. The giveaway resulted in over 300 post shares and attracted over 1000 new followers, establishing Eden Motorhomes as a prominent player in the digital landscape. .

The success of our social media initiatives translated into tangible results for Eden Motorhomes, with a notable surge in sales. In November 2020, we facilitated the sale of six motorhomes through a strategic blend of Facebook Marketplace, organic, and paid social media posts, marking it as their best winter month yet. Through our collaborative efforts, Digital Speed has not only elevated Eden Motorhomes' online presence but also contributed to their continued success and growth in the competitive motorhome market.

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