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Eden Motorhomes are Cornwall’s premier motorhome dealership, and the main supplier of used motorhomes in Cornwall. For Eden Motorhomes, an excellent customer experience is a priority on-site and online.

Facebook Special Giveaway

Within a few months of working together, we decided the page needed a boost, so we facilitated a Facebook Special Hamper Giveaway by sourcing the prize, creating robust terms & conditions, and generating buzz with the advertising campaign. This created huge engagement on social media for Eden Motorhomes, generating a total of 300+ post shares and 1000+ new followers.

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Eden Motorhomes did not have an online presence when we began working together, but things were about to change. We produced high quality social-first images to post on social and shared them in relevant groups, representing the business in its true light. Our original content supported the message Eden lives and breathes – premier and quality. Transforming the way that these motorhomes were displayed online, we worked closely as a team to showcase the ultimate motorhome living experience.


This resulted in a surge of motorhome enthusiasts following the page from the get-go, which has translated into sales over time. In November 2020, we generated 6 sales for Eden Motorhomes on social media, their best winter month yet. This was through a combination of Facebook Marketplace, organic and paid social media posts.

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