Here’s how you can double your revenue in just 12 months and position yourself as the car dealership of choice in your area…

… for less than the cost of a Volkswagen Golf!

(Say goodbye to burning the midnight oil for little reward, relying solely on existing customers and referrals, or compromising your pricing to stay in the game).

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Want our agency to craft a customer-magnet brand, making your car dealership the ultimate hotspot in your area, generating income for scaling, and simplifying your marketing?

Hey Car Dealership Owners,

Looking to take your dealership to new heights this year?

If so, the direct path to success is by strategically positioning yourself as the go-to car dealership. Secure and retain more appointments with your ideal customers, and set the stage for scaling.

However, if you’ve landed here, you’re likely facing some of the following challenges while trying to attract customers and grow your business:

  • Relying solely on referrals without forecasting or tracking business growth.
  • The dilemma of pricing – either lowering or staying stagnant to beat the competition.
  • Juggling daily operations, hindering time and resources for growth.
  • Struggling with the unpredictability of social media efforts and seeing little to no traction.


Imagine your dealership not only as the top choice in your community but also the go-to employer, attracting the best talent AND customers willing to pay your desired prices. Our approach crafts a standout brand and website, solving pricing challenges and creating a vibrant brand community. This method gives you the springboard to scale in various ways. The possibilities are endless.

Bid farewell to unpredictability and say hello to a thriving, scalable business.

Ready to up-level your car dealership?

Book your FREE strategy call now, and let’s guide you to establish your brand, build a community, and unlock the potential to scale.

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"From a very small brief they consistently deliver great quality. I would highly recommend their services."

Clive Sutton

"Would highly recommend Digital Speed for any sized car dealership."

Essex Car Company

"The quality of the content produced highlights their strengths in being a highly specialised agency."

Kaaimans International

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We’re experts at empowering car dealership owners to unlock their full earning and growth potential through a dynamic brand and website. Imagine a brand and website that propels your business forward, giving you the freedom to focus on your craft and enjoy a better life balance.

Picture holidays away from the office without worrying about your dealership's profits taking a hit…

Our approach has worked for hundreds globally, and we’re ready to help you.

Hit the button, select a time, and let’s connect. Be in a quiet place with a solid WiFi connection, ready to jot down everything you need to double your revenue.

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We’re ready to help you take your dealership’s brand to the next level!