Building Auto Auction


Revolutionising the Automotive Auction Industry:
Driving Success with Expert Design, Development, and Digital Innovation.


Auto Auction, a platform for buying and selling vehicles via auctions, which was backed by industry expert Tiff Needell, sought to disrupt the automotive auction market. Partnering with Digital Speed, Auto Auction aimed to create an unparalleled online auction experience. Through close collaboration, we developed and launched a record-breaking launch that resulted in one of the highest auction sales for a particular car and led the company to be referenced in many website and PR headlines.


Within the first 30 days of launch, Auto Auction achieved impressive results, garnering 65,000 unique visitors and 100,000 website sessions. Furthermore, the platform secured a world-record sale for the Mitsubishi Heritage Collection, solidifying its position as a disruptor in the automotive auction industry.


Launching an online auction house.

To make a significant impact on the automotive auction industry, Auto Auction required a platform that leveraged the latest technology, provided a seamless user experience, and engaged customers effectively. Our team provided a comprehensive range of services:

  • Embedded Collaboration: Our team integrated with Auto Auction’s automotive think-tank to design, structure, and build a game-changing platform that streamlines the online auction process.
  • Business Consultancy: We worked together to refine the site and the online auction experience, ensuring that the launch of Auto Auction produced shock waves that travelled across the industry.
  • Digital Campaigns: We created and produced cutting-edge digital and physical marketing campaigns that drove results, increasing customer engagement with the brand and its auctions.
  • Technology Stack: We employed a modern technology stack to provide a seamless auction experience for users. Our preferred tooling for the frontend is NextJS – we used Apollo Client for querying the API. For the backend we used GraphQL and Prisma ORM for the data layer.


Our collaboration with Auto Auction showcases the power of swift and efficient development and digital innovation. By understanding the unique needs of Auto Auction and employing cutting-edge technologies, we helped create a record-breaking platform that shook the industry. If you're ready to drive success in your industry, contact us today for a consultation and let our expertise fuel your business's growth.

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